Tigers' Fund

Support the Tigers

The corporation does not sponsor the team, so participants do pay their own expenses. It is a struggle each year for many of our team members to finance their trip to the meet. The "Tiger Fund" was established by Bob Botto, ex team captain, to help the team meet expenses and assist our athletes. In the past team members have raised more than $4000 through individual donations and fundraising.

Anyone can donate to the Tiger Fund, or organize fundraising event in support of the Tigers.

Send your donation, payable to "TIGER FUND", to:

Ken Thomas - Team Captain
Laboratory Analyst
Baytown Chemical Plant Laboratory
3600 Park Street
Baytown, Tx 77521
Phone: 281-834-5432

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About Us

ExxonMobil employees, contractor and annuitant athletes, from all over the world, train throughout the year for the opportunity to participate in a national competition. We compete before a stadium full of corporate representative and spectators one or two weekends each year. Our team now has about 100 athletes.


Ken Thomas
Chemical Plant Laboratory Department
3600 Park Street
Baytown, Tx 77521
Company mail: CORP-PSL-lab
P: 281-834-5492
C: 713-269-7437