USCAA Marathon and Half

USCAA Marathon and Half

The 2018 USCAA Marathon and Half will be Sunday February 18, 2018 in Austin TX.

The National Corporate Marathon Championship is held annually in conjunction with a major marathon. Host marathons have included such sites as Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; San Diego, CA; Las Vegas, NV; and Myrtle Beach, SC. Runners are scored using standard WAVA tables.

Each company can have an unlimited number of runners competing (each runner must be included on the team roster). A team score will be determined upon completion of the marathon. For the USCAA marathon championships, each runner's score will be their WAVA performance level based on their official race time, age, and gender. (Scores will be to 2 decimal places, truncating any remainder). Team scores are calculated by summing the four best individual scores.

USCAA teams may also enter the marathon relay. Relay teams consist of 5 runners. The relay distances will mimic the participating marathon's. USCAA relay teams must register with the overall marathon in the appropriate division (male, female, mixed) and well as registering with USCAA.

About Us

ExxonMobil employees, contractor and annuitant athletes, from all over the world, train throughout the year for the opportunity to participate in a national competition. We compete before a stadium full of corporate representative and spectators one or two weekends each year. Our team now has about 100 athletes.


Ken Thomas
Chemical Plant Laboratory Department
3600 Park Street
Baytown, Tx 77521
Company mail: CORP-PSL-lab
P: 281-834-5492
C: 713-269-7437