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USCAA Nationals Photos & Results

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The Tigers have gathered to compete at USCAA Nationals since 1981. We are very proud of our past, and of all the athletes that have competed for the Tigers since. On this page you will find team pictures from previous years, and each one of them will take you down memory lane.

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2013 Results

2012 Results

Team 2004
2004 Portland, Maine Captain's Pick Photos
Team 2003
2003 San Ramon, Ca Captain's Pick Photos
Team 2002
2002 Sacramento, Ca Captain's Pick Photos
Team 2001
2001 Renton, Wa Captain's Pick Photos
Team 2000
2000 Renton, Wa Captain's Pick Photos
Team 1999
1999 Los Gatos, Ca Captain's Pick Photos
Team 1998
1998 Santa Barbara, Ca Captain's Pick Photos

About Us

ExxonMobil employees, contractor and annuitant athletes, from all over the world, train throughout the year for the opportunity to participate in a national competition. We compete before a stadium full of corporate representative and spectators one or two weekends each year. Our team now has about 100 athletes.


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Chemical Plant Laboratory Department
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